How to Make Origami Bow/Paper Ribbon – DIY Origami Tutorial

Crafting Hours
Origami Paper Bow Tie/Ribbon- Learn how to make origami bow or a paper ribbon with Crafting Hours. Origami is one of the most popular DIY crafts activities. In this video, you are going to see how you can make a paper bow with folding origami instructions. You can use this origami bow as a handmade bow tie as well as paper ribbon to decorate your gift items. These paper ribbons look great while wrapping homemade gift items. Do not worry if you have never done any origami crafts before as this is an easy Origami for beginners. Origami bow is very simple to make and you only need to follow the step by step directions shown in the video tutorial to make it. So, have fun with this origami idea and start making origami bow and paper ribbons now!

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