5-Minute Crafts

Every girl at least once had a problem with skin like pimples or dull skin. Don’t worry there is no need to buy expensive beauty products, we share awesome all-natural beauty products to make at home. Check out these jaw-dropping ideas:
Check out a perfect mask that will help you to look fresh in the morning, You will need pomegranate tea and gelatin. This emergency mask is a perfect cure for bloated face and dark circles
– If you are not satisfied with a tone of your skin or it looks dull and wants to look
flawless, try the next idea: dry tangerine peels beat them, add honey, turmeric,
curd, and rose water
-Try this mask for skin imperfections: mix egg whites with shaving foam and hydrogen
peroxide. Apply this mask and leave for 10 minute. Rinse and enjoy the effect
-It’s important to take care of dry hair otherwise it leads to split ends. It’s a very annoying
problem if you want to have long hair. We share a surprising way to moisturize your hair –
use whipped cream
-If your lips look pale and you want to plump them we know a perfect natural
recipe. Mix wasabi and yogurt together and apply for a few minutes
-Try a beauty mask that will help you to get rid of pimples very soon. To prepare
this mask you will need to mash one banana, add lemon juice and baking soda.
Apply this mask and pimples will disappear
-Forget about bad breath and use charcoal. Mix charcoal with water and ‘clean’
your tongue with this mixture and toothbrush
-Check out how to color fake hair easily using crepe paper. Yes, it sounds unbelievable
but this method really works.

00:09 Fake freckles
00:58 Pomegranate tea for bloated face
02:25 Forget about bad breath
03:30 Mask for pale lips
08:37 Watermelon for oily skin

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